Freelance Designer

I help agencies & brands like Google, Volvo and others to turn their ideas into designs. Great designs and a healthy freelance relationship. Pinky swear.

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Working remotely, based in Barcelona

Previously London
For the last few years, I’ve worked full-time remotely (mostly for clients from the US and the UK). So far, so good. A unique experience with lots of video calls, Slack messages and nice clients.
Hi I’m Mia! I love to appear on my dad’s video-calls. He always tries to be professional with clients, but I love to surprise him.

From big to small clients, two things I always promise:


Designs you will love

This is what I love to do, so I’ll make sure you are happy with the results. We’ll work as a team and we’ll get there!

A healthy freelance relationship

No dramas or difficult relationships. I'm here to make your life easier, solve problems and help you grow your business.

“Incredibly talented and easy to work with”

Blake Wallace — Financial Director at Apple

“He is one of only a very few handful of designers I’ve ever felt truly comfortable with”

Matthew Smith — Founder of Really Good Emails

Less talk. More Designs.

It’s time to see some work. Here are a few projects, pitch work and design explorations I’ve done for clients. Not everything but a sneak peek before I pull together some case studies.

Client: Ahead  |  Agency: Fathom & Draft  |  Role: UX/UI Designer
Want to see more?
Check out my Dribbble to see more designs, projects and things I’m currently working on.

Ways I can help you

Designing your digital product

From product design to strategy, design systems, UX or UI. I solve complex problems through design, so you can achieve your business goals.

Designing a Shopify store

One of my favourites. I can help you design your custom ecommerce store and make sure it is optimised so you can improve your conversion rate.

Building a custom responsive site

Yes, I can code (HTML, CSS & JS). Currently, I mostly use Webflow as a platform. Need something complex? I know some amazing developers I can recommend.

Giving a boost to your brand

Do you have a site or digital product that lacks personality? Let me add some value to your product with a branding boost that you’ll love.

Designing a native mobile app

Designing an app is completely different from designing a site. I can help you design your native app optimised for all devices, platforms and ecosystems.

A few things clients normally ask me

I usually charge per project. I prefer to fix a price and focus on creating something great instead of counting hours ;)
No. Never. If you contract me, it's because you trust me. I'll give back that trust, with hard work and an honest relationship.
Yes. Around 80% of my clients are from the US, so I'm very used to working with teams that are in different time-zones than mine. I'm happy to adapt.
It's up to you! Some clients prefer to have daily catchups, others weekly meetings. The important thing is that you feel comfortable with the way we work together.
All kinds. The last few years I've worked on retention contracts, contracts per project and lots of other different formulas. Let's talk and I'm sure we'll find a way.

That’s it! Now it’s your turn to say hi.

I'll make it easy for you… This is how you pronounce my name — Iñaki I hope to hear from you!